Apparel Eligibility Rules

Level 10 Athlete Eligibility Rules for Free Region 5 Apparel

Athletes who meet the following two criteria will receive FREE Region 5 Apparel:

Criteria #1

The Athlete has Qualified to J.O. Nationals
the Athlete is a 1st Alternate who has committed to attending Nationals and has paid for her Athlete Hotel Room during the 9/10 Regional Meet.  This includes Region 5 Athletes who qualify to compete for another Region.  (A Region 5 athlete may compete for another Region if that Region does not have enough athletes competing in a particular age group to fill the maximum number of qualified spots.  USA Gymnastics will then pull alternates from other Regions to fill those spots.)

Criteria #2

The Athlete’s Gym has participated in the Region 5 Training Camps for the current competitive season by registering and sending athletes to train at one or more camps.  The specific Athlete who qualifies to J.O. Nationals does NOT need to have attended a camp personally.

2nd Alternates

2nd Alternates are invited and encouraged to attend J.O. Nationals.  2nd Alternates, who meet the eligibility requirements, will receive all apparel that remains available when and if they are called to compete, or are moved into the 1st Alternate position.   The athlete must attend J.O. Nationals to receive Region 5 Apparel.

Not Eligible for Free Apparel?

If an athlete meets the Qualification requirements outlined in criteria #1, but the Gym has not supported this season’s Region 5 Training Camps, the Athlete can still receive all Region 5 Apparel with a donation to the Region 5 Apparel Fund.  Donations must be a minimum of $300/gym for one Qualified Athlete or $600/gym for two or more qualified athletes.

Checks should be made payable to Region 5 USA Gymnastics and given to Dave Stiles or Stephanie Malas at Regionals.

2017 Coaches Eligible for Free Region 5 Apparel

Joe Scheible AAF (MI)
Melinda Scheible AAF (MI)
Bonghyun Kim Above the Barre (OH)
Joanne Fornaro Above the Barre (OH)
Gennaldi Samsonov Acros (IN)
Erica Wolf Action (IL)
Jody Raymond Action (IL)
Don McPherson Aerials (IL)
Patrice McPerson Aerials (IL)
Shane Sanders Aerials (IL)
Julie Fair AGA (MI)
Mary Moore All Around (OH)
Tom Logar All Around (OH)
Danielle Pipes All Starz
Michelle Crane All Starz
Scott Crane All Starz
Joanne Dolber American (MI)
Eliza Sttkus-Nicolov Aspire (IL)
Nick Becker Aspire (IL)
Alexis Moore Bay Valley (MI)
Lynn Grant Bay Valley (MI)
Nanci Moore Bay Valley (MI)
Dana Willmeng BIG (IL)
Kara Reid BIG (IL)
Mikey Hausner BIG (IL)
Taylor Zondervan Branch (MI)
Alexander Timchenko Buckeye (OH)
Fernando Villa Buckeye (OH)
Kittia Carpenter Buckeye (OH)
Matt Brinker Buckeye (OH)
Rebeckah Doggette Buckeye (OH)
Ashley Priess CGA (OH)
Mary Lee Tracy CGA (OH)
Rachel Gardner CGA (OH)
Whitney Snowden CGA (OH)
Jason Button Champion (KY)
Karim Elatroush Champion (KY)
Ricia Story Champion (KY)
Bethany Cole Champion USA (MI)
Tami Schaafsma Champion USA (MI)
Don Gibson DeVeaus (IN)
Kim Gibson DeVeaus (IN)
Tom Strange DeVeaus (IN)
Stephanie Barry Downriver (MI)
Patrice Troyer Dreams (IL)
Camille Cole Elite Sports (IN)
Duree Cole Elite Sports (IN)
Heather Leshovsky Emeth (OH)
Gene Margiotta Energym (IL)
Jessica Morreale Energym (IL)
Anna Genrich Eurostars (MI)
Tania Guergiev Eurostars (MI)
Tim Kelly Extreme (MI)
Christina Lenny Five Star (OH)
David Ehman Five Star (OH)
Jackie Krist Five Star (OH)
Steven Marsh FlipN Twist (OH)
Christy Feldman FlipNTwist (OH)
Rob Hester FlipNTwist (OH)
Sam Marsh FlipNTwist (OH)
Kacey Childs Flying High (IL)
Sam Uhas Flytz (OH)
Heather Stevens Fusion (IN)
Katrina Maida GLE (MI)
Kristi Hopkins Grand Blanc (MI)
Amanda Allen GTC Rochester (MI)
Brian Zook Gym America (MI)
Andrea Price Gym America (MI)
Claudia Kretchmer Gym America (MI)
Brett Hewitson Gym Corner (IL)
Kim Bendixen Gym Corner (IL)
Kim Dowis Gym Jesters (MI)
Samantha Pastore Gym Kinetics (IL)
Victor Fredrickson Gym Kinetics (IL)
Jenny Verhostra Gym Michiana (IN)
Caroline Nun Gym World (OH)
Jared Nun Gym World (OH)
Joan Ganim Gym World (OH)
Joanne Docherty Gym Xtreme (OH)
Rick Voorheis Gym Xtreme (OH)
Joseph Hodges GymKinetics (IL)
Natalie Koga GymNasti (IL)
Autumn Grable GymNation (OH)
Kyle Grable GymNation (OH)
Alexis Rak GymQuest (OH)
Kaelei Spoor GymQuest (OH)
Annette Miesle Hartland (MI)
Annie Curtis Hartland (MI)
Janine Plott Hartland (MI)
Kathie Gebhardt Huntley (IL)
Mario Noguez Huntley (IL)
Shannon Hunt Hunts (MI)
Kevin Burnside I Power (IL)
Don Houlton IGI (IL)
Doug Miller IGI (IL)
Todd Gardiner IGI (IL)
Jean Sirek Illinois Valley (IL)
Andrei Nikitine Infinity (IL)
Blaine Wilson Integrity (OH)
Jimmy Wickham Integrity (OH)
Kristy Fries Integrity (OH)
Eric Phillabaum Interactive (IL)
Breasha Pruitt ITZ (IN)
Carrie Eppert JPAC (IN)
Dave Marus JPAC (IN)
Jacquie Willett JPAC (IN)
Jaycie Phelps JPAC (IN)
Liz Meaney Lake Erie (OH)
Cassie Whitcomb Legacy (KY)
Natalie Kaiser Legacy (KY)
Scott Austin Legacy (KY)
Anna Li Legacy ELite (IL)
Jiani Wu Legacy ELite (IL)
Dave Rawles Libertyville (IL)
Jeff Grandt Libertyville (IL)
Mike Webber Libertyville (IL)
Stephanie Kemp Madison (IN)
Kami Gotchev MAG (MI)
Stoycho Goteva MAG (MI)
Benjamin Prohl Martinsville
Windy Adlon Medina (OH)
Joseph Rodriguez MEGA (MI)
Kim Tanskanen MEGA (MI)
Gene Davenport Mid Michigan (MI)
George Young Mid Michigan (MI)
Lindsey Thurlow Mid Michigan (MI)
Lori Comiskey Midland (MI)
Theresa Hix MidOhio (OH)
Barry Keeley Midwest (IN)
Denis Belikov Midwest (IN)
Thad Beaver Midwest (OH)
Caitlin Summerville Midwest Elite (IL)
Roger Pasek Midwest Elite (IL)
Brittany Delk Naperville (IL)
Jack Metcalf Naperville (IL)
Jake Kueker Naperville (IL)
Matt Delk Naperville (IL)
Shannon Murphy Naperville (IL)
Amy Nyman New Heights (OH)
Jill Kovnesky New Heights (OH)
Nick Distel New Heights (OH)
Joanne Brubach North Canton (OH)
Mike Hickey North Canton (OH)
Ruth Miller Oakland (MI)
Dan Rais Olympia (MI)
Deanna Sigler Olympia (MI)
Jordyn Mclntyre Olympia (MI)
Lori Koch Olympia (MI)
Gary Toussaint Olympic Dreams (OH)
Dawn Toussaint Olympic Dreams(OH)
Dawn Thompson Perfect Balance (OH)
Steve Glenn Perfect Balance (OH)
Enrique Trabanino Perfection (OH)
Luke Wasson Perfection (OH)
Jessica Holtz Phenom (IL)
Marco Bravo Phenom (IL)
Patrick Hannan Phoenix (MI)
Chad Willims PIM (MI)
Laura Gelesko PIM (MI)
Amy Alexander Pinnacle (OH)
Jordan Flick Pinnacle (OH)
Chris Bolender Powerhouse (OH)
DeeAnn Miller Premier (KY)
Ashley OBrien Premier West (IL)
Diane Obrien Premier West (IL)
Jason Enke Premier West (IL)
Trevor OHara Queen City (OH)
Carly Cresswell Revolution (IN)
Ruth Balthis Richmond (IN)
Andrea Orris Rising Stars (IL)
Sarah Wright Rising Stars (IL)
Anika Benink Rockford (IL)
Jake Stoeckicht Rockford (IL)
Lori Aamodt Rockford (IL)
Matt Alex Rockford (IL)
Kristen Hines Set 10 (IN)
Britney Stover SIGS (IN)
Eileen Spicher Splitz (MI)
Guy Thiessen Splitz (MI)
Ashely Henning Spring Hill (IL)
Eugene Lynn St Charles (IL)
Genevieve Taylor Tatiana Gutsu (MI)
Laura Taylor Tatiana Gutsu (MI)
Kim Dykes TGC (IN)
Irving Nochez The Flip Zone (IN)
Paige Oswalt The Flip Zone (IN)
Diane Roland The Gymnastics Co
Donny Bent TOPS (OH)
Kiona Allen Tri-Star (OH)
Misty Evans TriState (IN)
Brett Wargo Twistars (MI)
John Geddert Twistars (MI)
Kathryn Geddert Twistars (MI)
Jennifer Angel Ultimate (IL)
Stacy Wall Ultimate (IL)
Steve Kams Ultimate (IL)
Glen Willmeng United (IL)
Lynn Kostal United (IL)
Dave Anthony Universal (OH)
Natalia Laschenova Universal (OH)
Donna Berutti World Class (IL)
Laura Atwood World Class (IL)
AnaMaria Roe Wrights (IN)
Chad Cleland Youngstown (OH)
Sandy Sabo Youngstown (OH)