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2016 Training Camp Participants

2016 Level 10 Athlete Apparel

Region 5 What to Wear and When to Wear It (pdf)

*The Packing List is now posted – click the link above.

Wow! Region 5 Athletes who qualify to J.O. National Championships receive Lots and Lots and Lots of FREE Region 5 Apparel and Travel Accessories (assuming they are eligible.)   Please see the Eligibility Rules to determine if your Athletes are Eligible.


  • You will be receiving most of your Region 5 goodies at Regionals but you will receive some when you arrive.
  • Please be sure to leave a little room in your bag empty so you have enough room to pack your new goodies!
  • Carry your Grips and Music in your carry-on backpack when on the plane to be sure they don’t get lost.