L9 Athlete Apparel

Region 5 Apparel

Athletes who qualify to Level 9 Eastern Nationals will have the opportunity to purchase Region 5 Apparel at the “Region 5 Store” during 9/10 Regionals.

Competitive Apparel Provided by GK Elite

  • Each year, GK Elite provides Level 9 Eastern Championships Competitors with a competitive leotard and warm-up suit in the official Region 5 colors.
  • Athletes will be sized for these items during 9/10 Regionals.
  • Competitive Leotards and Warm-ups will be available for pickup at Eastern Championships and is distributed by GK Elite. Region 5 does NOT have anything to do with this distribution process at L9 Eastern Championships. The only information we have is listed above.   You will need to check the L9 Host Website or ask when you arrive for more details.

If you experience problems with your competitive attire once you have picked it up, please contact the GK Elite representative at Eastern Championships. Region 5 has no control of these items once we have submitted your sizing information to GK.